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This wasn’t a serendipitous meeting

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A safe corner

A working space should be a safe place. In “safe”, I mean a comfortable place for your body (physically) and your mind (mentally). While the physical part can be taken care of easily, the mental part is quite difficult. Now-a-days, most desks require a computer with internet access. If you don’t know how to control your mind, it will be a big problem when you come to your desk.

Considering it as a peaceful place for your mind, you should not surf or chat or watch movies at that place. If you want, have another corner and called it “a lazy corner” where you call do all these stuffs. The study desk is just for studying, without any other distraction. You should set a rule for yourself and until it becomes familiar for yourself. You will have a peaceful mind at the working corner.


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Computer games p2

I have been trying to stop playing games for several days by observing my mind.

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Concise writing p2

Verb phrase:

“Omit unnecessary words!” , “Omit unnecessary words!”

The following verb phrases should be replaces by their alternatives:

1. To be + adjective => Use the corresponding verb of the adj.

A is dependent on B => A depends on B.

2. To present, to provide, to show + noun => use the direct verb

This report provides an explanation of how BLAST performs in practice. => This report explains how BLAST performs in practice.

3. make:

by making use of => by using

make a distinction between => distinguish

In general, replace verb phrases by their corresponding verb!

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Concise writing 1

To avoid playing glest, I’m now using a strategy: Every time I want to play the game, I will come here to write something about concise writing:


Preposition phase:

All preposition phrases are subject to be shorten. A preposition phrase usually can be reduced to a single word or deleted together. We tend to use multiple word preposition because we are not familiar with the meanings of their equivalent one word preposition.

Over the duration of the course, the professor has given may new concepts.

“Over the duration” can be simply replaced by “During”

As a result of the next generation sequencing, one shot cancer detection will be available in the very near future

In the very near future is certainly a long/murky preposition phrase. Soon or shortly can be used instead.







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Game – how to avoid

Siting in front of   a computer with a game installed, one may find it hard to stop his tempting to play some of his favorite games. Several years before, I thought I would never be addicted to games and continuously look down on my room-mate, who could not stop his game, even to go to the exams! At that time, I asked myself: How can one be addicted to game..what is the feeling?, How one can not going to the exam because he is playing a game? None of these questions were answered until one day: I’m addicted to game. I understand how one can stop everything in his social activities to play game. It’s not that the game is interesting. It is he could not get himself engaged in the real life and a feeling of loosing. I’m a loser, I have nothing interesting to do. Even if he has somethings to be done, and they are actually interesting jobs (to him of course), he couldn’t stop his attempt to type “glest” to his console. After that command, he got engaged into the game and that is it! But the most important moment is when he started typing the game command. If he could control himself, if he was engaged enough to his work, this could not occur!

Will try to understand more (from myself) and analyze the mind behavior of the game “addictor”!

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One should find an aspiration to work and go ahead!

If human always try to satisfy with current, nothing would have appeared!

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